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Shapur’s poem

Posted by Sen on June 17, 2010

Contributed by Ahang Rabbani

Shapur (Hushang) Markazi was a Baha’i from Gilan. For a number of years he served with great distinction on the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran and later as an Auxiliary Board member. In the early years of the Islamic Revolution (1979), he was arrested and imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran. After much torture, he was executed on September 23, 1984, because of his religious convictions. His son recalls that Mr. Markazi was so severely tortured that he was unable to embrace him during their last meeting because all his ribs were broken.

On October 11, 1984, the Universal House of Justice announced in a cablegram to the Baha’i world:

With heavy hearts announce martyrdom of Shapur Markazi outstanding servant Faith in Iran member previous National Spiritual Assembly and Auxiliary Board member. He suffered cruel torture past few months. Purpose these tortures was force him to admit false charges implicating Baha’i institutions as network espionage and himself as spy. His growing resistance increasing intensity tortures which may have caused his death 23 September. He was buried 25 September without knowledge relatives friends.

During his final days, Mr. Markazi composed this poem for his wife, Pari [Angel], a devoted and eloquent Baha’i in her own right.

My Pari, I swear by God
by enthrallment, by love and faith
by the love-intoxicated eyes of the Beloved
by the testimony of the martyrs
by the red of their spilled blood
by the trembling noose
by the piercing bullets
by calamity, pain, imprisonment
by the cruelty of the jailers
that I love you for evermore!

I swear by the just and living God
by the Beloved’s favors and kindness
by immaculate meadows and gardens
by the heart that a friend has given
by the bitter wails that pierce these walls
by my heart entrapped here,
by my frail, afflicted heart,
that I love you for evermore!

My Pari, I swear by your ringlets
by your face so sincere and serene
by the staunchness and kindness you are
by your cries and your passion
by the sorrowing heart of your husband
by the sound of your voice
by the humor that pours from your lips
by your eyes like two bowls
by your heart that loves God
that I love you for evermore!

My Pari, I swear by the Ka‘beh
by God and by love
by two hands joined in a bond
by longing for our two children
by near-ones, friends and kin
by the Psalms, Avesta, Pazend
by the bitterness of night encaged
by the sweetness of your kiss
by God and these many dungeons
that I love you for evermore!

Some notes and the Persian text are in the first comment to this post.

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2 Responses to “Shapur’s poem”

  1. Sen said

    Avesta and Pazend are references to Zoroastrian Holy Scriptures and commentaries on them. The Persian text has been taken from

    پریم قسم به یزدان
    به ولا وعشق وایمان
    به دوچشم مست جانان
    به شهادت شهیدان
    به دماء سرخ آنان
    به طناب دار لرزان
    به گلولههای غلطان
    به بلا و درد و زندان
    به خشونت نگهبان
    که همیشه دارمت دوست

    به خدای حی دادار
    به عطا و لطف دلدار
    به صفای دشت و گلزار
    به دلی که می دهد یار
    به صدای گریهء زار
    که رسد زپشت دیوار
    به دل ِ من ِ گرفتار
    به دل ِ حزین و بیمار
    که همیشه دارمت دوست

    پریم قسم به مویت
    به صفا و لطف رویت
    به وفا و مهر خویت
    به صدای های و هویت
    به دل ِ غمینِ شویت
    به صدای گفتگویت
    به لبان بذله گویت
    به دو چشم چون سبویت
    به دل خدای جویت
    که همیشه دارمت دوست

    پریم قسم به کعبه
    به خدا و عشق سوگند
    به دو دست بسته دربند
    به ولای هر دو فرزند
    به قرین و یار و پیوند
    به زبور و زند و پازند
    به مرارت شب بند
    به حلاوت لب قند
    به خدا و آن همه بند
    که همیشه دارمت دوست

  2. barazandeh said

    Chanting of this poem:

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