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Scam version of Church and State free to download

Posted by Sen on June 6, 2020

A warning to readers:

What appears to be an internet forum called “hirawata3” has a nice chat among users about how to download my book Church and State, which is self-published as my Master’s dissertation. Apparently you can just click on a link and get it in pdf, epub and so much more … or maybe not.

It is suspicious four ways: I haven’t shared any electronic version, the domain is in Russia, Hirawata3 exists as a twitter user but not as a forum, and the links on the page that should lead to the forum front page or sub-pages do not lead anywhere. I think this is a scam that will ask you to type in some information before downloading the supposed book. I think there is no “forum,” just this page, designed to look like a typical small forum discussion thread. I haven’t clicked on a link to see what happens — I’m pretty sure it would be unpleasant.

Church and State is still for sale on Amazon, with a used copy for $US 25. It is on the Amazon best sellers list, right after #5,526,068, and stocks are limited. Get yours this century, or you may miss out.

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2 Responses to “Scam version of Church and State free to download”

  1. Reza said

    Interestingly, the website recently published an article by Professor Nader Saiedi about separation of Church and State being a core principle of the Baha’i revelation:

  2. Sen said

    I too would call it a core principle, although when I am being pedantic (most of the time), I would say that the non-interference of religious institutions in government matters is a core religious teaching for Bahais, while the non-interference of government in religious matters is a key part of Bahai guidance on social matters. The two together are equivalent to “the separation of church and state,” but they are presented as two separate teachings in Bahai literature, and the first is much more strongly emphasized. See for example this talk of Abdu’l-Baha in London,

    “… Ninth, religion is separated from politics. Religion does not enter into political matters. In fact, it is linked with the hearts, not with the world of bodies. The leaders of religion should devote themselves to teaching and training the souls and propagating good morals, and they should not enter into political matters.”

    and Shoghi Effendi :

    “Theirs is not the purpose,… to violate, under any circumstances, the provisions of their country’s constitution, much less to allow the machinery of their administration to supersede the government of their respective countries.” (The World Order of Baha’u’llah 66.)

    There’s a compilation on this topic here :

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