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What about: “the laws of society”?

Posted by Sen on November 27, 2021

Following my 2005 Master’s dissertation on Church and State and my disenrollment from the Bahai community a few weeks later, I was widely accused of ‘selective use of sources,’ without specifying what I had selected out. A Reddit user called Any-Part4466 has now put together a compilation of the quotes he or she thinks I should have dealt with. This is most welcome, for while many of the quotes have been covered in one of my publications, this compilation enables me to target my discussion effectively at those Bahai Writings that some readers think contradict my thesis that “Render unto Caesar” is a basic Bahai teaching, entailing that church and state should be separate and should work together. The evidence that supports my thesis is massive: there’s a compilation on this blog. All that will be assumed: the talk about ‘selective use of sources’ indicates that various people thought of (probably diverse) Bahai scriptures that I should have examined – and I would have, had I been able to read their minds.

The first quote that Any-Part4466 presented was the opening words of the 13th Bisharat, the 13th of the numbered sections in ‘The Glad Tidings” which give the House of Justice authority over “the affairs of the people” (i.e, the Bahai community). The next quote he or she brought up is part of a long tablet on the wisdom of having some laws determined not by scripture but by the House of Justice. Part of this is available in “Wellspring of Guidance” pp. 84-6. In that citation, paragraph 35.7d says, “Briefly, this is the wisdom of referring the laws of society to the House of Justice,” which apparently led Any-Part4466 to think that the House of Justice would make laws for the whole society, Bahai and non-Bahai. Read the rest of this entry »

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