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Announcing purchase of property adjacent to the Shrine of the Bab

12 November 2014

To all National Spiritual Assemblies

Dear Baha’i Friends,
We are pleased to announce the news of the purchase of a major property adjacent to the main terrace of the Shrine of the Bab. The building, a three-storey stone structure just west of the Shrine, stands on over 2,600 square metres of land. Inquiries were made almost sixty years ago at the direction of the beloved Guardian regarding its purchase, but owing to limited resources the matter could not be pursued. The property was acquired at that time by the city of Haifa and served as a school until it ceased operations a few years ago. The Baha’i world will rejoice to know that this property, so close to the sacred precincts, which the Guardian had hoped to acquire, is now in the Faith’s possession.

(signed) The Universal House of Justice

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9 Responses to “Announcing purchase of property adjacent to the Shrine of the Bab”

  1. odiomonafe kalimat said

    The words of the guidian and his wish has come to pass n so shall his wish n will come to pass in our lives. as Bahai’s

  2. dale ramsdell said

    Most Great News!!!

  3. Herb Dreyer said

    Be patient for thy Lord is patient.

  4. SLKRR said

    I had heard that this was in the works a couple of years ago when I was in Haifa. So wonderful to hear that it has happened!

  5. John Butler said

    Wonderful to hear and hope one day to acquire most of the land so that it can be cleared to extend the gardens and allow the shine to stand out more resplendent. Praised Be…

  6. kenton dunbar and Giselle Pinto said

    Ya Bahá’u’l-Abhá!!!

  7. prsamy said

    Is this the land next to the ITC where the fifth building of the Arc, the International Library, is to be built?

  8. Chip Lowman said

    It is wonderful to have finally become a reality, God is Most Great, let us give Praise!!!!!

  9. Sen said

    No prsamy, this land is quite close to the Shrine. If you climb the steps to the Shrine, you will see two rectangular lawns extending left and right of the shrine. Looking diagonally across the right-hand lawn (when facing uphill), you will see a building looming above the retaining wall. So it is adjoining and uphill of that lawn. That’s the one.

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