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Tablets from Abdu’l Baha Abbas to E.E. Wrestling Brewster

[I have typed over the text of this small booklet, published by Wrestling-Brewster about 1913. It consists of the translation of the tablet of acceptance; Ahmad Esphahani’s covering letter as the translator of the Tablet of Emanual; a Foreword from Wrestling Brewster, and Esphahani’s English translation of the Tablet of Emanuel.  A pdf file of a scan of the booklet can be downloaded here. Please notify me of any typing errors as compared to the scan. ]

Tablet of acceptance [from Abdu’l-Baha]

to E.E Wrestling Brewster
Received October 8th, 1906.
Six month prior to the receipt of the following Tablet.

He is God!
Thou who art guided by the light of Guidance. Thou possessed the perceptive eye to have perceived the light. Thou possessed an attentive ear to have heard the Divine Call. Thou was a living soul to have sensed the Kingdom.

This is the first step in the Path of god, but the distance of the way is great. I hope that thou mayest traverse that distance and reach the house of the object. That pathway is that of Severance from the world-tie, reliance upon God, baptism through spirit and fire; namely, to attain the spirit of the knowledge of God, and conflagration with the fire of the love of God; trustworthiness, faithfulness and firmness in the Covenant, steadfastness in the Cause of God, and service to the Kingdom of Peace which shall soon establish its tent in the center of the world, — and the army of the Oneness of the world of humanity will regenerate the world like heavenly angels. The Sharp Sword of this army is the Love of God, and its Power the Knowledge of God. I hope thou wilt be of this army. Thus mayest thou see Heavenly Power and witness the confirmation of the Kingdom.

Upon thee be greeting and praise.

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.
(Translated by Mirza Ameen U. Fareed)

From Translator, Mirza Ahmad Esphahani,

accompanying the following Tablet

from His Highness Abdul Baha Abbas.

Peace be upon you!

My dear brother in Truth!

I have just got your card and hasten to forward to you your glorious Tablet. In my estimation it is one of the most wonderful Tablets that I have translated. There is no doubt that you are blessed to be the recipient of such a heavenly Tablet.

On the corner of the envelope the Master Abdul Baha writes with His own hand the following note to me:– “To be translated with the utmost correctness and be sent to the owner and with the consent of its owner to be printed and published.” Now I hope you will give your consent that in an edition of a compilation of Tablets, yours be printed with them.

Please send me a copy to be read in our assembly and also acknowledge the receipt of It as I must report about Its receipt to our Lord.

Your sincere brother,
Ahmad Esphahani.

The original is also enclosed. Preserve It most carefully, as It is priceless.

Washington D.C., April 2nd, 1907.


Foreword [by Wrestling-Brewster]

While this Tablet is addressed personally to the recipient, its contents are plainly of a general nature; and furthermore, Abdul Baha has Himself expressed this purpose to be therein. That such distribution may be effected, it seems desirable to provide printed copies.

As being of interest, the letter from the translator is here included. In this, it will be seen that expressed directions were given that the Tablet be published among the Bahai literature.

That the reader may judge whether His Highness, Abdul Baha Abbas, had this later Tablet in mind when penning His first lines of assurance to the petitioner, this earlier Tablet is given herewith.

The main Tablet is a reply to a query as to what is the relation between the Revelation of Emanuel Swedenborg and that of Baha ’o ’llah? The statement was given that the writer was a deep student and disciple of the Swedish Seer and a communicant in the New-Church founded upon His doctrines; and further, that a resolve had been made to assist in spreading this spiritual philosophy before the masses.

The reader must form his own conclusions as to the underlying purport contained in the received document. It will assist in this concluding to have Abdul Baha’s words at our first private interview when He came to this country in the spring of 1912.

After salutations were exchanged, the Master questioned, “What did you do with that Tablet?”

I replied, ‘A copy was given to the Washington Assembly for publication and distribution.”

He continued, “That was a great Tablet.”

I answered, “I do not consider that as a Tablet given only me, but that it is meant for the world.”

To this view Abdul Baha gave confirmation by replying, “That Tablet is intended for the world.”

Respectfuly submitted,
E.E. Wrestling Brewster.



on Emanuel Swedenborg


His Revelation of the New-Church

To E.E. Wrestling Brewster

He is God!

O thou wooer of Truth and attracted one toward the Kingdom of God!Thy detailed letter was received and its reading produced the utmost joy. For it was a glorious proof of the loftiness of thy aim and the exaltation of thine intention. Praise be to God that thou art the well-wisher of the human world, art attracted to the Kingdom of Abha and art aspiring for the advancement of the realm of humanity. I hope that, through the instrumentality of these lofty thoughts, attractions of heart and heavenly glad-tidings thou mayest become so illumined that through the mild-beaming splendor of the Love of God thou mayest shine and gleam throughout Centuries and Cycles.

Thou hast written that thou art a student in the progressive spiritual school. Happy is thy condition! If the various progressive schools join themselves to the universal University of the Kingdom, such knowledge and sciences will be brought into light that man will see that the potentialities of the “Open Tablet” of existence, are infinite; will realize that all the created things are as letters and words; will be instructed in the lessons of the degrees of significances; will perceive the signs of oneness in the primordial atoms of the earth; will hear the voice of the Lord of the Kingdom; will behold the confirmations of the Holy Spirit and will find such ecstasy and joy that being unable to contain himself in the vast area of existence will prepare himself for the journey toward the Kingdom and will hasten to the Immensity of the Realm of Might. As soon as a bird is fledged it cannot keep itself on the ground; nay rather, it soars up toward the Supreme Apex except the birds whose feet are tied, whose wings are clipped and feathers are broken and who are soiled with water and clay.

O thou seeker of Truth! The Realm of the Kingdom is a Unit. The only difference lies in this: — that when the season of spring dawns, a new and wonderful motion and rejuvenation is witnessed in all the existing things; the mountains and meadows are revived; the trees find freshness and delicacy and are clothed with radiant and bright leaves, blossoms and fruits. In a like manner the preceding Manifestations form an inseparable link with the subsequent Dispensations; nay rather, they are identical with each other. Since the world is constantly developing itself, the rays become stronger, the outpourings become greater and the sun appears in the meridian orbit.

O thou yearner after the Kingdom! Each Manifestation is the Heart of the world and the proficient Physician of every patient. The world of humanity is sick; but that skilled Physician has the healing remedy and He bestows Divine Teachings, Exhortations and Advices, which are the remedy of every ailment and the dressing for every wound. Undoubtedly, the wise Physician discovers the needs of the patient at every season and then prescribes medicine. Therefore when thou wilt compare the Teachings of the Beauty of Abha with the requisitions and necessities of the present time, thou wilt conclude that they are to the sick body of the world the swift-healing remedy, nay rather they are the Antidote of the Everlasting Health. The prescription of the proficient physicians of the past and the future will not be the same; nay rather, they will be in accord with the ailment of the patient. Although the medicine is changed, yet all of these are for the sole purpose of the healing of the sick. In former dispensations the sick body of the world could not bear the strong and overpowering remedies. That is why His Highness the Christ said: — “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of the Comforter, who is sent by the Father, is come, He will guide you into all truth.” Therefore, in this age of lights, specific teachings have been universal: — in order that the outpourings of the Merciful One environ both the East and the West; the Oneness of the Kingdom of humanity become visible and the luminosity of Truth enlighten the world of consciousness.

The descent of the New Jerusalem is the heavenly religion which secures the prosperity of the human world and is the Effulgence of the Illumination of the Realm of God. In reality Emmanuel was the forerunner of the second coming of His Highness the Christ, and the Herald of the Path of the Kingdom.

This is self-evident that the Letter is an organic member of the Word. This membership denotes subordination; that is, the Letter draws its life from the Word and has spiritual relationship with It and is accounted a part of It. The Apostles were the Letters, and His Highness Christ was the Essence of the Word; and the significance of the Word, which is the Everlasting outpouring, cast a splendor upon those Letters. Since a Letter is a part of the Word Itself, it is intrinsically identical with the Word.

I hope that thou shalt arise to perform all that which His Highness Emmanuel has predicted. Know thou this of a certainty, that thou shalt become assisted. The Confirmations of the Holy Spirit are descending uninterruptedly. The Power of the Word shall penetrate in such wise that the Letter will become the reflective mirror of the Sun of the Word, and the radiation of the lights of the Word shall illumine the whole earth. But the Heavenly Jerusalem, which is established upon the Apex of the world — the Holy of the Holies of the Almighty, which has hoisted its Banner, comprehends and includes in It all the perfections and teachings of the former dispensations. Likewise, It is the Herald of the Oneness of the world of humanity; the Ensign of the Universal Peace; the Spirit of Eternal Life; the lights of the Divine perfections; the surrounding Bestowal of the realm of existence; the adornment and grandeur of the world of creation and the cause of the tranquility of the humankind.

Turn thy attention toward the Holy Tablets. Read and reflect upon the Tablets of Kharaghat, Tjalleyat, the Words, the Glad-tidings, Tarazat and the Book of Akdas. These divine teachings in this day are the remedy of the ailments of the world of man and the dressing for the wounded body of existence. They are the Spirit of Life, the Ark of Salvation, the Magnet of the Everlasting Glory and the penetrative Power in the reality of man.
Upon thee be greeting and praise.

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani.)

March 6th, 2 a.m. 1907. Washington D.C.


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