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This page has a contents list for a selection of my postings on email lists and bulletin boards. I started doing this once before, using a web site format with PDFs rather than a blog. The ‘old series’ email archive is still on my old web site.

Recent additions

اطاعت بیچون و چرا + دین و دولت (with a partial English text) July, 2019
عدم دخالت در سیاست و شرکت در امور جمهوری July 2019

Selected postings

1963 and the Lesser Peace
20,000 martyrs?
3 citations (?) from Shoghi Effendi
Abdu’l-Baha’s knighthood and other bogeys
Abortion, see pro-life
Age of Aisha
The Age of Frustration
Agnostic Bahai?
Answer to al-Ahram (the Egyptian ID controversy)
Alkan: Dissent and Heterodoxy
All Bahai?
“anything Shoghi Effendi said is Baha’i doctrine”
Atheism, see “…whoso disbelieveth in God..”
Authority, authenticity and old translations
Bahai Faith as Iranian modernism
Bahai Law, see Quick Review of the work of Cornell and Schaefer
Bahai Studies and the academic study of religion
Beat your wives?
Being Bahai: creed or community?
Blame the Atheists?
Book burning in the Bayan?
Capital punishment in the Aqdas?
Catholic-Bahai marriage
China, China, Chinaward
Church and State – 1
Church and State – 2
Church and State – 3: Shoghi Effendi, establishment
Church and state – dispensationalism, establishment
Church and State – response to Maneck’s review
Church and State – response to Maneck’s review (2)
Church, state, experts, consensus
Church and State, the theological arguments
Church and State (my book), Questions and Answers
In crystal coffins?
Disenrollment – myspace 2008
Disenrollment – Tarikh 2006
End of the world
Enrolled vs unenrolled
Enrollment and not
Entry by Troops when?
‘Estates’ as an alternative to political parties
The Five Ahkam in Bahai law
Four questions
The Great Being
Haram-e Aqdas (meaning of)
Implications of SCOTUS in Obergefell for the policies of Bahai institutions
Infallibility as freedom
Infallibility and amputation in the Torah
Infallibility and the meaning of khata’
Jesus, author of the Gospel
Just like the Catholics? (organic ecclesiology)
Khan to Convention, 2010 (a precis of the talk)
Learned – good and bad
Learned – honour them
The Lesser Peace – coming when?
Y2K: Lesser Peace, unity of nations
Letters on behalf of Shoghi Effendi
Letters on behalf of Shoghi Effendi – 2
Letters on behalf of Shoghi Effendi – 3
A List of slanders
The margin is ahead of the curve
Mashriqu’l-adhkar types
The Master’s last tablet to America
Method and Focus in my Church and State
Minor Plan, Major Plan
The miracle of 19 in the Quran
Morally conservative?
The “mutilation” passage
Nationalism, patriotism, romanticism (on Herder)
No clergy?
Parallelism as a literary device
The ‘Paris Talks’ tablet on women
The Pilgrim’s hostel and the Mashriq
Political activity
Political involvement
Pro-life or pro-choice?
Progressive Revelation
Quick Review of the work of Cornell and Schaefer as explanations of Bahai Law
Reciting the Greatest Name
Same sex marriages – 1
Same sex marriages – 2
Same sex marriages – 3
Same sex marriages – 4
Same sex marriages – 5
Same-sex marriages – 6
Scholars in the Bahai Community 1
Scholars in the Bahai Community 2
Scholarship and review in the Bahai community
Science and religion
Socially progressive?
Stages of World Order development
“Of the Substance of God Himself…”
Sulh-e Akbar (the Great Peace)
A theocratic cabal ?
Theologians, the Learned and the Wise
Theology, a defence
Theology 2005-10-17
Theology – 2005-12-03
Theology 2005-10-21
Theology 2006-02-13
Theology 2007-01-01
Theology 2008-06-03
Theology 2009-10 (foreword to C&S)
Too tender for the House – the prequel
Twoness, two sovereignties
The Virgin Birth, twin houses and twin shrines
Vivisection and science
Voluntary theocracy?
Who belongs?
Who belongs? – 2
Who belongs? -3
“…whoso disbelieveth in God..”
Who votes in the Bahai World Order?
Why dont Bahais teach in Israel?
Y2k and all that

In Dutch

Betrouwbaarheid van Geschriften

In Persian

اطاعت بیچون و چرا + دین و دولت (with a partial English text) July, 2019
عدم دخالت در سیاست و شرکت در امور جمهوری July 2019


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