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1963 and the lesser peace

One of the friends wrote:

> ‘Abdu’l-Baha apparently identified the First World War with the final
> battle of Armageddon,

I have not found any authentic text indicating that: just the one
quoted in Baha’u’llah and the New Era which is baseless. If we accept the
Armageddon part of that, we would have to accept the prophecy of the Most
Great Peace by 1917: it’s the same source. [see 1917 and all that on this blog]

> Baha’is turned to the Universal House of Justice, and its establishment
> in 1963 signalled the beginning of the process of bringing into
> existence the Lesser Peace, as this Institution was the supreme Baha’i
> institution charged with this sacred purpose.

Baha’u’llah delegates the task of establishing the Lesser Peace to
the ‘kings of the earth’ and ‘rulers of the earth’ ; so if Bahais
expected the UHJ to do this, it was a misunderstanding. Specifically,
Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi allude to the special role of the United States in
establishing the Lesser Peace:

The American nation, …will find itself purged of its anachronistic
conceptions, and prepared to play a preponderating role, as foretold
by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, in the hoisting of the standard of the Lesser Peace,
in the unification of mankind, and in the establishment of a world
federal government on this planet.
(Shoghi Effendi, Citadel of Faith, p. 126)

It’s the old question of church and state again. Baha’u’llah and
Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi have an organic model of human society in
mind — it is a world-view, basic to their thinking. If Bahais approach
their writings with a monist, hierarchical world view, they will
continually misunderstand how the World Order is supposed to work. They
will have false expectations about what the institutions of the Bahai
community are, in nature, and what they can achieve, and will not see what
individual role they themselves should be playing. Then belief in a
miraculous intervention (Armageddon, Y2K, EBT …) that is coming soon is

Meanwhile, “the fleeting hours of man’s life on earth pass swiftly


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2 Responses to “1963 and the lesser peace”

  1. robert van der hope said

    I agree with your thoughts above. My understanding is that Abdul Baha was saying that essentially WARS BETWEEN NATIONS in the manner we have seen over millenia, will cease by the end of the twentieth century (yes I do think he meant “century” in the general understanding of the word) and that the USA will play a part in this. Actually, it seems to me that all wars and fighting in recent years have been either civil wars, or boundary disputes, rather than “nation against nation” ? In that sense is it not true what The Master said ? And yes, the World Order is now in the hands of the governments of the world. And rightly so. Insofar as the various governments are just governments, and reflect the will of the people to a reasonable extent. That of course is a big call in itself.

  2. Sen said

    You are certainly free to believe these things – but I must point out that I know of no evidence that Abdul’Baha said that wars between nations would cease by the end of the twentieth century. You offer no evidence, so your beliefs are likely to remain just your personal ideas.

    Since the year 2000, we have had Iraq, Afghanistan, the Georgian-Russian war, Israeli-Gaza war, the second Congolese regional war, the Kashmir conflict, and no doubt others I’ve missed. There are also a large number of internal conflicts, some of them quite savage. And there are some that are disputable: is Chechnya an internal affair of the Russian Federation, or a war between the Federation and the independent nation of Chechnya. That’s just what the war is about

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