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Present influence of the Bahai Faith

This does not belong in the “email archive” but I have nowhere else to put it. It is an essay outline on the topic “What is the present influence of the Bahai Faith,” in response to a request on

Here’s a headline structure :

+ Role at the United Nations:

+ Social and economic development programs, especially literacy
– youth:

+ Schools (NB: a ‘Bahai school” may be like a Sunday school, or regular education)
– India, overview :
– Panchgani, India:
– Barli, India:
– Haiti :
– Iran (university):
– Macau:
– Colombia:

+ Community building

+ Interfaith
– Parliament of the World’s Religions:

+ Persecution:
– in Iran.
– elsewhere in the Middle East:

+Role in conspiracy scenarios:

+ History and status in various countries:

Short link:

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