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Ata’ullah Rezvani (1961-2013)

Ata’ullah Rezvani (or Ataollah Rezvani / عطاءالله رضوانی ) was born in Birjand to parents Enayatullah Rezvani and Gowhar Nakha’i on 19th March 1961. Shortly after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 he began his studies for a degree in mechanical engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran. During his second semester and in the course of the “cultural revolution”, however, he was expelled from the university. For four years, he continued to live in the Iranian capital and began his professional carrier. In the year 1985 he moved to Bandar Abbas, the city where he spent the rest of his life, to install water treatment systems for the Water Purification complexes of the cities of Bandar Abbas and Minab. Meanwhile, he became an active member of the Baha’i community of Bandar Abbas, and soon joined the city’s small group of “Khademin” who attended to the needs and problems of the Baha’i community after the dissolution of the city’s Local Spiritual Assembly. Despite all dangers, he selflessly served the Baha’i community of Bandar Abbas until his very last day. In 1992 he married Rowshanak Shakibei, with whom he had a son, Kourosh, and a daughter, Melika.

During his professional carrier, he supervised the installation and maintenance of the water treatment plants of Bandar Abbas, Minab, and Hamedan; the waste water treatment system of Bandar Abbas; and parts of the water desalination system of the island of Qeshm.

To the many professional colleagues and community members who knew him, Ata’ullah Rezvani was a source of unimpeded love, kindness, and care. He was killed in a religiously-motivated attack in Bandar Abbas, in Southern Iran on August 24. His body was found in his car near the railway station on the outskirts of the city: he had been shot in the back of the head. It appears that his assailants may have forced him to drive to the place he was shot. In a message dated August 27, the Universal House of Justice writes:

He was the exponent of amity and concord, and transcended prejudice and estrangement. And for treading this path, he gave up his life and quaffed the cup of martyrdom. Thus he attained the presence of His Beloved in the realms above, drank from the chalice of God’s good pleasure, and inscribed his name upon the Guarded Tablet.

(With thanks to Mazda Karimi, who contributed a substantial translation)
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